What Men Want

I could hardly remember seeing the previews for this movie, but when I saw it was released into theaters, I vaguely remembered that the previews were fairly funny.

This is one of the funniest movies I have seen

PLOT: This movie is all about Ali Davis, a hard-working, successful woman working in a sports publicity management agency, a male dominant field. She is hoping to get a promotion to “partner” at the agency, and will do whatever it takes. She wants to figure out what men think, because she is surrounded by men in her life and thinks that being able to know what they are thinking will give her the key to receiving the promotion. After a lot of drugs, getting bonked on the head, and some other crazy mishaps, Ali gets the ability to read men’s minds. But would you really want to hear every single man around you’s inner thoughts? I don’t think so. The rest of the movie is how Ali controls this so called power she has to read every thought every man has. And how her work life, romantic life, and her friend life (if that’s even a term) changes because of this power.

This movie is DEFINITELY Rated-R for language, sexual content, drugs and alcohol. But this is the funniest movie there is. I am all for R-Rated comedies, but they can definitely be a hit or miss. They either have too much vulgar language and drugs that cover the humor or the movie just isn’t funny at all. But this movie, it was DEFINITELY a hit. It was not so inappropriate to the point where it wasn’t funny, but it was just inappropriate enough to be the funniest movie of the year thus far

CAST: Now Taraji P Henson, Ali Davis, is hilarious, but when has she not been something any less than perfection? She is incredible. She is such an empowering woman (as anyone could tell from her performance in Hidden Figures) and she definitely shows that side of her in this film as well.

I was extremely please with Pete Davidson’s appearance as Danny. I have always been a Pete Davidson fan, so his surprise appearance was very pleasing. He had a fairly small supporting role, but he is his typical goofy self and I was not disappointed.

Austin Jon Moore  was definitely a show stopper as Will’s 5-year-old son Ben. He is absolutely precious and is also very comedic. 10/10 will fall in love with him during the movie.

Honorable Mentions: Aldis Hodge as Will is an absolute hunk and is precious, hubby goals. Tracy Morgan as Joe “Dolla” Barry is ridiculously funny as usual. And Wendi McLendon Covey as Olivia is also her incredibly hilarious self.

This whole cast was extremely strong with comedians, and they all meshed perfectly together. This movie is extremely successful in every aspect in which it tries to be. I definitely left the movie feeling extremely good about the ending and a belly-ache from laughing so hard.

MESSAGE: This movie has so many good messages in it, the first being that men are trash (unless you’re Will) just kidding! But honestly, it really spreads an incredible message about female empowerment. Being the only woman around in her line of work, Ali is always faced with gender biases and treated as lesser. But instead of letting that stop her and discourage her, she works harder to prove men wrong, and SMALL SPOILER, she comes out not as an equal to the men at her work, but above them. She truly shows how strong, courageous, and hardworking women can be and are.

I would advise you ladies not to go see this movie with your significant other, as they will definitely feel exposed. This movie is so accurate and that’s what makes it so hilarious. This is definitely a girl’s night kind of movie (not a family movie for sure!)

But I more than recommend this movie, I actually insist on you seeing it. It is incredible and hilarious. Oh wait, did I mention it was funny?


Viral Beauty

“Marsha Day was looking for a date. She got a million subscribers instead.”

This movie is FILLED with mixed-emotions all around. It hits some uncomfortable topics, and DOES IT WELL! This movie was made perfectly at the right time; WE NEED THIS FILM! And I’ll tell you why…

PLOT SUMMARY: Marsha Day, played by Casey Killoran, posts a video on a dating website, looking for a high-end, ambitious, Ivy League grad, and of course, must be approved by her beloved cat, Mr. Kittsy . Once Perez Hilton, as himself, brings attention to her video, Marsha’s video goes viral, getting millions of views. There are, of course, contradicting views on Marsha, from supporters to online trolls bullying Marsha about her weight and how she looks, Marsha receives a ton of media coverage and is picked up by a management agency. Marsha is bound by her management to sponsorships and certain things to say in her web videos. Marsha meets a cute, Dartmouth grad, fitness trainer online named Will, played by Mark Junek, and they immediately hit it off. The rest of the story is about Marsha’s life once she got famous and how people across the world treat her differently.

ENDING (no spoilers): This ending is anything but what would be expected of a movie like this, but it’s exactly how it would’ve in the real world. The movie takes a complete 180 and I sat there wondering, is that really the end? It has an ending that really makes you re-evaluate your life and what’s truly important to you.

This movie gets right to the point at the beginning of the movie, no dilly-dallying on unnecessary background. NO! This movie is FULL of content and continues to go go go until the credits start rolling.

WHAT’S THE POINT? Viral beauty hits all of the REAL LIFE topics that we MUST start paying attention to in our world, as social media and money continue to become so important to people.  Let’s start with bullying, cyberbullying or the typical face to face bullying.

  • This is a problem, and this has been a problem since the beginning of time! When are people going to understand that ALL PEOPLE HAVE REAL FEELINGS?! Viral Beauty hits that point, that bullying is a problem, no matter how old you are! Marsha is a grown woman, and people all over the world were blatantly bullying her, physically and verbally abusing her when they saw her in person, and even telling her that she should die. But what this movie has done better than any other movie I’ve seen is that Marsha didn’t flinch. We can tell that Marsha gets upset at these comment, obviously who wouldn’t, but she doesn’t let it break her or stop her. In my opinion, Marsha was the winner in every argument that people online were giving her, because she DIDN’T RESPOND! She stayed strong throughout the movie, despite how much absolute hate she was getting.

Next let’s talk about social media, fame and money– what is an up and coming problem in society.

  • This movie is all about social media, obviously hints the name “Viral Beauty.” It emphasizes how much importance we have placed on our fame on social media in our society. We get so caught up in what everyone is doing on social media, judging and voicing our opinions about people online is a second nature that is a horrible habit! We watch people on social media and our first response is to judge them for what we don’t like rather than celebrating others for what we do like about them!
  • Next let’s talk about fame. There are a couple of cases in this movie that people let fame get to their head in more ways than one. W also get to see how people will do anything for fame, and that’s truly how society is today.
  • Then talking about money, we truly get to see the evilness of money throughout this film. As people in today’s society, we seem to put gaining money or being successful over truly being happy. Viral Beauty hits every point of that. Is it really worth it to have a lot of money if your not happy? I don’t know but Marsha sure seems to have an opinion for herself.

Casey Killoran, Marsha, truly plays her role to the T and is fantastic along with the rest of the cast doing an equally amazing job. This story was well written, phenomenally casted, and an incredibly interesting movie to watch. You’ll laugh, cry, and probably get a little upset somewhere in between. This movie- I would rate it as a PG13, it’s appropriate in my opinion for any mature teen. I think teens HAVE to see this movie to see how our real world is right now. This movie is so important and I enjoyed every minute watching it.


You can buy your tickets at either of these links, this movie is going to be released on October 19th