Small Foot

This was such a cute and fun movie, and was incredibly better than what was expected from the previews. It’s a fun movie with a great message for the whole family.

This movie reminded me of a mix between Frozen and The Lorax, which are both incredible films. I had no clue from the previews that this movie would fit in the musical theatre movie genre. I was fairly impressed with the soundtrack and the songs are pretty catchy, just like the Lorax.

STANDOUTS: First off, this movie is FILLED with an incredibly well-know cast, so this movie was already set up for success. With leading voices of:

  • Channing Tatum as Migo: As the main yeti in this movie, Tatum genuinely surprised me. I have never noticed Channing Tatum to be a successful voice actor, but he has done his small share of voice acting recently with The Book of Life, The Lego Movies, and the Simpsons. Who knew that Channing Tatum could sing? I don’t know if this was a known fact, but Channing Tatum is definitely a triple (counting voice actor, quadruple) threat with his acting, dancing, and now public talent of singing.
  • James Corden as Percy: As the main human in this movie, I don’t think there could have been a better actor to voice this part. We all knew Corden could sing, but he adds nothing but perfection to the creation of this movie.
  • Zendaya as Meechee: Zendaya has been the talk of the town for a couple years now, and I don’t doubt her presence in this movie gained a lot of attention from teens that would probably not have seen it otherwise. Her voice has always been so pure and fit the script in the perfect ways it should.

This movie also included stars such as: Common, Lebron James, Danny DeVito, my personal favorite, Gina Rodriguez, Ely Henry, and Yara Shahidi.

I don’t think this movie would have done as well in the box office without this cast to draw in the crowd, but this celebrity heavy cast did make for an extremely successful movie.

MESSAGE: This movie was full of really good messages for today’s time, with messages regarding greed and segregation. It was incredible how this film used yetis vs. humans to truly describe how humans treat each other based on how they look. That’s a really important message for today. SPOILER at the end of the movie the yetis and humans finally learn to live together in peace instead of being afraid of one another and I thought the movie could have, most definitely, ended before that and been well off, but it truly made my heart happy seeing them come together. SPOILER ENDED

I thought the idea of this movie was very clever, as the movie would have still worked if it were about humans featuring yetis, as other movies would have. But the thought and ideas behind this movie is what sets it apart from other animations. I loved the idea, I thought the movie was hilarious, and so did my mom. I’m not one to laugh at kid’s jokes or just anything thrown my way, it takes a lot to make me laugh, but this movie did, indeed make me laugh.

My absolute favorite parts about this film was the intricacy of the animation. As we have noticed in other movies and behind the scenes of movies such as Monster’s Inc, it is very difficult to animate hair to sway and move like it would in real life. This entire movie is about hairy yetis and this movie NAILS it! From standing still to running the hair on the yetis moves in the wind in such methodically thought out ways and it looks so aesthetically pleasing and PERFECT for this movie.

I loved the entire  movie from the cast to the music to the storyline to the ending, I loved it and if this movie was created by Disney, I feel like this movie would have been just as big of a hit as movies like Coco and Zootopia. I could definitely see the plush dolls and toys made. But since it is not a Disney film, I will just have to be content with how much I enjoyed the film and everyone in it. I highly recommend this movie for all ages, from the little ones to grown adults. It is definitely a family movie that the WHOLE FAMILY truly needs to see!


Viral Beauty

“Marsha Day was looking for a date. She got a million subscribers instead.”

This movie is FILLED with mixed-emotions all around. It hits some uncomfortable topics, and DOES IT WELL! This movie was made perfectly at the right time; WE NEED THIS FILM! And I’ll tell you why…

PLOT SUMMARY: Marsha Day, played by Casey Killoran, posts a video on a dating website, looking for a high-end, ambitious, Ivy League grad, and of course, must be approved by her beloved cat, Mr. Kittsy . Once Perez Hilton, as himself, brings attention to her video, Marsha’s video goes viral, getting millions of views. There are, of course, contradicting views on Marsha, from supporters to online trolls bullying Marsha about her weight and how she looks, Marsha receives a ton of media coverage and is picked up by a management agency. Marsha is bound by her management to sponsorships and certain things to say in her web videos. Marsha meets a cute, Dartmouth grad, fitness trainer online named Will, played by Mark Junek, and they immediately hit it off. The rest of the story is about Marsha’s life once she got famous and how people across the world treat her differently.

ENDING (no spoilers): This ending is anything but what would be expected of a movie like this, but it’s exactly how it would’ve in the real world. The movie takes a complete 180 and I sat there wondering, is that really the end? It has an ending that really makes you re-evaluate your life and what’s truly important to you.

This movie gets right to the point at the beginning of the movie, no dilly-dallying on unnecessary background. NO! This movie is FULL of content and continues to go go go until the credits start rolling.

WHAT’S THE POINT? Viral beauty hits all of the REAL LIFE topics that we MUST start paying attention to in our world, as social media and money continue to become so important to people.  Let’s start with bullying, cyberbullying or the typical face to face bullying.

  • This is a problem, and this has been a problem since the beginning of time! When are people going to understand that ALL PEOPLE HAVE REAL FEELINGS?! Viral Beauty hits that point, that bullying is a problem, no matter how old you are! Marsha is a grown woman, and people all over the world were blatantly bullying her, physically and verbally abusing her when they saw her in person, and even telling her that she should die. But what this movie has done better than any other movie I’ve seen is that Marsha didn’t flinch. We can tell that Marsha gets upset at these comment, obviously who wouldn’t, but she doesn’t let it break her or stop her. In my opinion, Marsha was the winner in every argument that people online were giving her, because she DIDN’T RESPOND! She stayed strong throughout the movie, despite how much absolute hate she was getting.

Next let’s talk about social media, fame and money– what is an up and coming problem in society.

  • This movie is all about social media, obviously hints the name “Viral Beauty.” It emphasizes how much importance we have placed on our fame on social media in our society. We get so caught up in what everyone is doing on social media, judging and voicing our opinions about people online is a second nature that is a horrible habit! We watch people on social media and our first response is to judge them for what we don’t like rather than celebrating others for what we do like about them!
  • Next let’s talk about fame. There are a couple of cases in this movie that people let fame get to their head in more ways than one. W also get to see how people will do anything for fame, and that’s truly how society is today.
  • Then talking about money, we truly get to see the evilness of money throughout this film. As people in today’s society, we seem to put gaining money or being successful over truly being happy. Viral Beauty hits every point of that. Is it really worth it to have a lot of money if your not happy? I don’t know but Marsha sure seems to have an opinion for herself.

Casey Killoran, Marsha, truly plays her role to the T and is fantastic along with the rest of the cast doing an equally amazing job. This story was well written, phenomenally casted, and an incredibly interesting movie to watch. You’ll laugh, cry, and probably get a little upset somewhere in between. This movie- I would rate it as a PG13, it’s appropriate in my opinion for any mature teen. I think teens HAVE to see this movie to see how our real world is right now. This movie is so important and I enjoyed every minute watching it.


You can buy your tickets at either of these links, this movie is going to be released on October 19th

Crazy Rich Asians

With this movie being #1 in the box office for so long, you would think that it has gotta be pretty dang good. And this movie is just that. Pretty dang good.

With rich culture and hilarious actors, this movie was unstoppable. This story is about Rachel Chu, played by Constance Wu, and Nick Young’s, played by Henry Golding, quickly growing relationship. He asks her to come to his hometown in Singapore. Little did she know, his family is the richest family in Singapore and her serious boyfriend of one year is LOADED.

PLOT SUMMARY: When the two are in Singapore, which is the large majority of the movie, Rachel tries to learn more about Nick’s culture and more about her own Asian culture. Considering Rachel grew up in America, although she can speak Mandarin, she is not like the rest of Nick’s family and struggles fitting in. With many tosses and turns of Nick’s mother, Eleanor Young, not approving of Rachel, Rachel being the talk of the city, basically everyone being against Rachel and Nick’s relationship, and Rachel having to continually try to fit into Nick’s culture and wealthy lifestyle, Rachel has a rough time.

SPOILER!! After Mrs. Young, played by Michelle Yeoh, rips Rachel to shreds and tells her the truth about Rachel’s family history: Rachel’s mother had an affair and moved to America to have Rachel, because Rachel was not her mother’s husband’s child.  Rachel was never told this and always believed her father had died before she was born. This broke Rachel.  Mrs. Young had hired detectives to find a reason that Nick shouldn’t marry Rachel, and she found it– the Young family could not be associated with a scandal like this! Rachel even declined Nick’s proposal that he gave in defiance of his mother.

SPOILER CONT!!  What I left out is how intelligent Rachel is. She is an economics professor at NYU. She beats Mrs. Young in a game of Mahjong while alluding to her intelligence in a speech that she gives Mrs. Young. Then, Nick proposes to Rachel again on the plane to America that he surprises her on… but wait… with his MOTHER’s FAMILY ENGAGEMENT RING! Then the two get engaged and have a Big Fat Young-Style Wedding!


STANDOUTS: As the leads of this movie were nothing less than perfect for their roles, there were some unsung, big-name heroes that definitely contributed to the hilarity of the movie.

Awkwafina: Starring as Peik Lin Goh, Rachel’s old roomate, this character was made for the rising star, Awkwafina. Awkwafina has definitely made a name for herself in the year of 2018 cinema with Netflix film: Dude, and box office hits: Crazy Rich Asians and  Ocean’s 8. In this movie, her character is the comic relief in every scene she’s in and plays a big role in keeping Rachel sane during this journey. Awkwafina makes Peik the best friend we always wished we had and more than simply contributes to the comedy factor of this movie.

Ken Jeong: Starring as Peik’s father, Wye Mun Goh, did I mention that the entire Goh family is hilarious? From making fun of Rachel, to making fun of his daughter, to making fun of himself, Ken Jeong is just as funny as you would expect. Ken Jeong is known for his hilarity and his one-liners in this movie do not disappoint.

Harry Shum Jr.: One of my favorite actors, Harry Shum Jr., former star on the hit TV show “Glee”, got very little air time but somehow still seemed to manage to be toward the top of the credits. Playing Charlie Wu, Harry Shum Jr. only makes an appearance in the last minutes of the movie, but his smiling face in this movie filled my heart with joy although I wished he had a bigger role in this movie.

Honorable Mentions: Nico Santos as Oliver T’sien, Calvin Wong at P.T. Goh, and Jimmy O. Yang as Bernard Tai also were huge contributors to what a big hit this movie truly was.

This movie’s rating is PG-13 for suggestive content and language, but I would highly recommend this movie to any mature pre-teen or  teenager.

This movie will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. In all honesty I wasn’t expecting much from this movie before its release in theaters when it gained much recognition. I was not disappointed and this movie exceeded my expectations. This is definitely a must see for the family.


The Spy Who Dumped Me

This movie was anything, but predictable and typical.

You think you’re going to see a fun, light-hearted action right? Wrong. This movie contains every possible genre that could be imagined, but in the best way. It’s filled with action, romance, tons of comedy, plot twists, and even death with some gore. Although this movie is Rated-R, due to language and gun violence, this movie is not inappropriate for any age of a mature teenager.

Now, how could a movie possibly hold all of these features, but still not be considered a “cheesy, over the top” movie? That would be compliments of the all-star women leads: Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon. Their comedic timing, wit, and ability to act as having a strong- best friend relationship, makes it impossible not to love this strong women duo. As this movie is filled with honorable mentions: the creepy Ivanna Sakhno, the kind and sweet Sam Heughan, and the cute deceased boyfriend: Justin Theroux, Mila and Kate make every moment of the movie suspenseful, action-filled, heart (and gut) wrenching, and completely hilarious.

This plot was so well written with plot twists and action in nearly every scene. There isn’t one scene that was “boring” or “slow” throughout the entirety of the movie. The lead Audrey, Mila Kunis, has been dating a man she really liked, and he suddenly dumps her. She is then kidnapped by the C.I.A. and told that her ex-boyfriend, Drew, was a spy. They release her and soon after, Audrey and Morgan, Kate McKinnon, are targeted by spies for something that Audrey’s ex left with her. Drew talks to Audrey and explains that he dumped her to protect her, but she must deliver the trophy he left at her house to save millions of lives. The two women are determined to deliver the package and deem themselves spies on their own.

There isn’t much else I could say about the plot, because I would spoil something. The previews were perfectly vague enough to not make the movie predictable, yet perfectly detailed enough to make you want to go see it. This movie is a must see. It is definitely up there for my favorite movie of 2018, and definitely the best Rated-R movie I’ve seen this year.


Incredibles 2

The movie that we have all been anticipating for a total of 14 years has finally arrived.  For a wait this long that movie better have been good. Well it was not good… it was utterly fantastic. This movie was definitely worth the wait, and unlike so many other sequels ti great, classic movies, it was just as good if not better that the original Incredibles. Out of all of Disney’s previous attempts to create a sequel to a classic movie such as: Toy Story, Monster’s Inc, Nemo, etc, the Incredibles 2 took the cake.

Considering the first movie came out 14 years ago, basically the entire target audience, kids 12 and under, may have not seen the first movie, not in theaters at least. But for this sequel, it is not necessary to have seen the first movie, or have seen it recently in order to understand the whole movie in its entirety. The movie does take place just about right where it ended 14 years ago. All of the kids are the same age, Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl are still dealing with balancing the hero life with the family life. And Frozone still, indeed, has his nagging wife. This movie is not predictable for the children, the teens that were children watching the first movie, or the adults. There are so many endings to this movie that I would think would work well, but Disney found the perfect one.


There are many hilarious scenes and characters whom some would say, “steal the show”, but I can’t decide between 4 different characters. This movie has a lot to do with Jack-Jack receiving powers, and obviously, Jack-Jack is adorable. Disney created his comedic timing so perfectly without him even needing to speak words. So because of his adorableness, hilarity, and all types of different cute emotions, Jack-Jack does steal the show. But he’s not the only one. The obvious fan favorite, of the millennial generation at least, is Frozone’s nagging wife. In the first movie she did not make a physical appearance, but her nagging voice did. When Frozone was searching for his supersuit, he asked his wife where it was. She responded by yelling from another room that she wishes he had more time for here… meanwhile there is a crisis happening… Frozone eventually gets his super suit and we are shown the most relatable relationship possible, where a woman just wants attention from her man, and does not care about the rest of the world, literally. Millennial fans were ecstatic when hearing the voice of Frozone’s wife in the previews, and she was, as always, hilarious. For only being in one scene and not making an appearance, I would consider her a show stopper.

Edna Mode was a larger than life character in the last movie, the funny and blunt supersuit designer. She made much less of an appearance in this movie, but it seemed like she made much more of an impact. Her silly, yet proper personality makes her utterly lovable and fun to watch. I have seen more Edna merchandise for this movie than any other character, and as my favorite character in the movie, qualifies her as a show stopper. And last, but certainly not least, our last show stopper is… the raccoon. The raccoon you say? Yes a raccoon that cannot talk. This raccoon gets in a brawl with Jack-Jack, and this fight could not have been long enough even if it took the entire length of the movie. I don’t want to spoil anything in this comedic scene, but the raccoon definitely deserves the title of a showstopper.

This movie is the perfect movie for the whole family. This movie has done so well in box offices, hopefully we will get a 3rd movie, sooner than in 14 years. Kids love it, teens love it, adults love it, even grandparents love it. This is a must see for the family this summer. I enjoyed this sequel as much, if not more than the first Incredibles, and that’s coming from an Incredibles fanatic that wore Violet pajamas to bed at age 6.


Ocean’s 8

This movie had a lot to live up to considering it was a spin-off from the original Ocean’s 11 and Ocean’s 12 that were immediate hits. Looking at the All-Star cast for this movie such as, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna just to name a few, this movie is set up for success. Differing from previous Oceans movies, the cast of the main team is all women. In this day in age women empowerment is a large societal issue and this movie really shows that women are capable of doing anything a man can do, but better.

In the first few scenes we get a taste of how slick Sandra Bullock’s character, Debbie, truly is. After being in jail for five years, Debbie Ocean has devised a plan in order to steal an incredibly expensive jewel. After getting out of jail, Debbie immediately goes to the mall and picks up perfumes in a high dollar store and claims to the cashier that she would like to return them, but not having a receipt she goes through the agony of just keeping the incredibly expensive perfumes and the cashier even gives her a bag for her troubles. Immediately audiences were stunned that they had never thought of that themselves. Debbie then books a hotel room under a customer’s name whom had just checked out and goes into the room while the maid is in there, not needing a key. This woman is GOOD.

I had high hopes for this movie, but it exceeded my expectations exponentially. If you like to think during a movie, this is definitely a movie for you. It is filled with unexpected mystery and cleverness that is very entertaining. It is not necessary to have seen the past Ocean’s movies to enjoy Ocean’s 8, but there is a guest appearance from an old Ocean’s member in the heist. Debbie’s plan was so perfectly and methodically planned out in her five years in jail, you start to wonder, what writer was able to adhere to every detail that would be necessary in pulling this sort of heist off? This whole movie was utterly jaw dropping and extremely entertaining in its entirety. From the acting, to the plot, to the funny one-liners throughout the movie, audiences were all definitely rooting for these criminals to become victorious in their heist.

And speaking of female empowerment, for the majority of the movie, Anne Hathaway’s character, the famous Daphne Kluger, she is only used as a pawn  in the plan of the heist and is left in the dark about what truly is going on. When Daphne becomes aware of this plan, she doesn’t turn the the women into the police in order to receive reward money. Instead she joins the women and helps the finish their master plan to allow herself and the rest of the women a slight 30 million each. It doesn’t stop there. The women have to blame someone for the missing necklace, right? Well the women work together in order to frame Debbie’s ex-boyfreind who is the reason she had been in jail at the beginning of the movie. Talk about women supporting women!

This is a great movie for, I’d say, teens and up. Kids may also enjoy the action and spy-aspect of this movie, but they would not get the full effect if they do not understand how truly thought out the plot of this movie was. Ocean’s 8 is a MUST SEE of 2018 and I’m looking forward to rewatching the past Ocean’s movies and hopefully another sequel with another strong woman cast. So far, this is the best movie of the year and I feel as if now I have all of the tools to steal a hundred million dollar jeweled necklace.


Truth Or Dare?

I’ll start out by saying I was incredibly excited for this movie months before it made its way into theaters. As a fan of Blumhouse Productions such as Get Out, Split, and The Purge series, I was absolutely ecstatic for this, what looked to be, typical jump-scare movie. Even more exciting, Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey star in this new, modern day horror. I loved Tyler Posey’s work on Jane the Virgin specifically as the love interest, in which he also plays in Truth or Dare to Olivia, whom was played by the wonderful Lucy Hale. Being a mega-fan of Lucy Hale since first seeing her on Wizards of Waverley Place to Pretty Little Liars, the Season of Lucy Hale: starring in a hopeful top box office movie- Truth or Dare, starring in a Netflix Original- Dude, and starring in the TV series- Life Sentence all at once, this movie was set up for success with such a strong and relevant female lead.

As much as this movie was so heavily advertised on social media and TV, it had to be good right? Those previews looked pretty scary and interesting… and they were. Except they revealed what would have been some nice plot twists in the movies. From seeing 2 deaths in the previews, and seeing the preview that dares Carter to cut out his tongue. If I had not seen these previews before the movie, I feel like the movie would have been more enjoyable than it was. I was not surprised at anything in the entirety of the movie and it was not as scare as Blumhouse Production’s other works.

As there were little to no jump scares in this entire movie, except for, SPOILER ALERT, an old man was lying dead in a hospital bed. When it is the boy, Brad’s, turn to play the game, he is shaken and screamed at by the old man out of no where. It is sad to say that the biggest scare in the whole movie had nothing to do with the plot. The only other scary, or in my opinion only other messed up, scene in the movie, is the opening scene. The girl who helped play the first game of truth or dare- thus letting the demon, Calux, out- is dared to burn an innocent woman in the parking lot of a gas station. So the girl, Giselle, does just that, pours gasoline over the woman and lights a match to throw on her. The rest of the movie is completely predictable and the special effects in the death scenes are poorly edited, including the now famous “Truth or Dare Face”, making this movie look very immature.

The actors did not do a horrible job with the material they were given. The actors made the story seem realer than the completely unrealistic plot they were given. The ending was extremely disappointing, for a movie that would have been interesting- had I not already seen most of the movie in the previews. The main characters die because they cannot get out of the game? No. The two girls that are left out of the entire truth or dare game end up victorious and defeat the demon, Calux? Nope. Instead this movie is ended with the two girls posting a video on YouTube simply asking the viewers, Truth or Dare? This way it would take years for the two girls still alive: Olivia and Markie to be forced to take another turn playing the game. So instead of killing one or both of themselves in order to end the game, the girls decide to risk every life in the world by unleashing the demon onto all of humanity with no possible way to end the game. Now, I will give it to the writers that they left the ending open for a possible sequel. But due to how poorly this movie did in theatre despite how well it was predicted to do, there is a high likelihood that there will not, in fact, be a sequel to Truth or Dare.

This was the movie I was looking forward to the most for this year, 2018, and I am still incredibly disappointed months after seeing it. If the advertisements had previewed less content and the movie was not advertised in every swipe of social media, this movie would have had less expectation and a much better scare factor. This movie had some strong stars along with some very talented newbies and it is a shame that the producers and writers were not able to give these actors an outcome such as Get Out. But Blumhouse Productions have already come out with better Horror Films since the release of this bust and have covered up the sad failure of Truth Or Dare which had so much potential.


Hotel Transylvania 3

Let’s start out these reviews with a fun, loving kid’s cartoon threequel. I went to see this movie with my boyfriend, and I’ll start out be saying this is not just a children’s movie, this movie is incredibly enjoyable for all ages. With a celebrity heavy cast, the first movie of this trilogy was a hit before it even premiered. Adam Sandler as Dracula, as always, is knee-slapping hilarious, and you don’t need to see his face in order to laugh until your stomach hurts. Selena Gomez’s role of Mavis is kindly and perfectly voiced along with her funny boyfriend, Johnathan, voiced by Andy Sandburg. Other big names stars: Kevin James as Frankenstein, Mel Brooks as Vlad, Steve Buscemi as Wayne and special guest voices from Chrissy Teigen as Crystal and we get to Joe Jonas as the Kraken in the finale song, “I See Love”.

The best quality of a good cartoon trilogy is whether or not it is necessary to have seen the previous movies in order to enjoy the new one. In this case, it is absolutely not necessary to have seen Hotel Transylvania 1 or 2 in order for the 3rd to be enjoyable. They make a few jokes that refer to past movies such as the classic “Bleh Bleh Bleh” joke from Dracula, but all of the other jokes are fresh and have no prerequisites. This movie is filled with one-liners that make you laugh for minutes after they are said. Containing goofy kid jokes along with adult humor, this movie is a hit. Wayne and Wanda, the two werewolves in the movie have over 100 children or “pups” with the main pups being Adam Sandler’s children. Besides the point, Wayne and Wanda discover “child care” on the cruise ship and are able to leave their 100+ pups with the cruise ship workers, whom are fish. This is one of the many relatable jokes for the older crowd as they finally are able to enjoy themselves and release the burden of handling their children to the cruise ship fish for a while.

Here’s the SPOILER ALERT section. I would not say that this movie is the predictable cartoon ending at all. Dracula is feeling lonely, after years of the passing of his wife. Mavis, his daughter is attempting to cheer him up and relieve him from work stress by taking him on a surprise monster’s cruise. Ironically, the cruise director, Erika, who is by the way a human, is the great-granddaughter of Dracula’s archenemies, Abraham Van-Helsing. Erika plans to kill Dracula while he is on board the cruise ship in order to avenge the legacy of her family. Her great-grandfather devised a plan in order to kill all of the monsters, specifically Dracula, on board. Erika becomes eager to kill Dracula and makes many attempts, but none of them work because, Dracula falls in love with her. Dun Dun Dun. With her pleasing looks, her fake perfect and kind personality, mixed with Dracula’s undeniable feelings of loneliness, Dracula falls in love at first sight, or what monster’s call it, having a zing. The plan reaches the last step and Abraham V.H. is revealed to be on the ship. Abraham is near a cliff when blasting music causes him to fall off. As he is falling to his death, Dracula surprisingly turns into a bat in order to save his foe’s life. Both Abraham and Erika have a change of heart realizing that Dracula, along with all of the other monsters, aren’t too bad. Erika begins to take a liking to Dracula and despite having wanted to kill Dracula for the entirety of the movie, they become engaged. Happy ending!

The movie sends out a great message for all ages at this time: We’re all different, but what’s the point of acting as if we are? Dracula uses this as a way to explain why he saved his arch-nemesis’ life. He says that monster or human, it doesn’t matter. If we are all different, doesn’t that make us all the same? It’s a great message for the young kids to teach them to treat everyone kindly, no matter what they look like. This is also a very nice reminder to the older crowd, especially in our society today.

This movie is a hit, from the cast to the current and modern top 50 hits, to the fun and playful storyline. This third movie was exactly what all audiences were expecting and during its 2nd week it is number three in the box office. If you’re looking for a family movie to see and already saw The Incredibles 2, this is the movie for you.