I Still Believe

I Still Believe is a true life story of Jeremy Camp, a Christian singer. The story highlights his love story once he gets to college. It is created by the creators of the hit Christian movie “I Can Only Imagine” which tells the life story of the band MercyMe. This film will hit theaters on February 13th.

This movie is based on a Christian singer’s life and a story of faith and the love of God. So if you are religious, this will be a great movie for you. But on the other side, this movie is not a religious movie that “shoves Christianity down your throat,” so if you’re not religious, I still recommend this movie. It is a great love story even diregarding the religious aspect. Age-wise, this movie is rated PG and I truly believe this is a good movie for any age, 10-100. Viewers interested in love stories, faith movies or movies about people who become sick, this is a movie for you.

PLOT: This movie is similar to the movies I Can Only Imagine and The Fault In Our Stars if the two movies had a child together. Jeremy Camp goes to college with his guitar in hand with aspirations of becoming a signer. He snuck backstage to a John Loo concert and met John himself. John took Jeremy under his wing as a new artist. Jeremy takes a glance into the crowd and sees Melissa in the crowd and instantly falls in love. Melissa happens to be one of John’s good friends and also his love interest. When Jeremy and Melissa meet and start to enjoy each other’s company, the situation is sticky as they don’t want to hurt John. The relationship is very up and down until Melissa becomes sick. Melissa gets diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. Jeremy’s life is instantly changed as he must decide if he wants Melissa to be the number one priority of his life. The rest of the story is their journey through Melissa’s illness and their relationship along with Jeremy’s music career and their faith for God through it all.

CAST: I Still Believe is set-up for success with the two stars playing Jeremy Camp and his love-interest, Melissa Hennings. Jeremy is played by the Riverdale star, KJ Apa and Melissa is played by the For the People Star, Britt Robertson. KJ did an extremely good job of playing the college-kid and rising star along with the emotional side of the “family-man.” He also had a great voice to star as the breakout Christian singer. Britt did a great job acting as a college student, but being nearly 30 years old, it was very clear that she was not college age. It was much less evident of her age once she became sick, and she did an incredible job in every other aspect of playing Melissa Hennings. She made you love her very quickly and made everyone in the theater root for her the first second she was on screen.

Other notable names in the movie: Melissa Roxburgh had a very minor part playing Melissa Hennings’ sister. Her role was very similar to her leading role in the TV show Manifest, so the role was a very good fit for her. Shania Twain played the role of Jeremy’s mom, she also had a minor role. Stranger Things and Sabrina star Abigail Cowen was featured at the very end of the movie as another musician following Jeremy’s act. And Forest Gump’s Gary Sinise played the supporting role of Jeremy’s dad.

I will repeat myself as I said, I think this a good movie for all ages, religions, and all different types of movie lovers. You can see I Still Believe in theaters March 13th. You can check out the trailer here.