Ralph Breaks the Internet

Since Wreck it Ralph came out six years ago, it has been one of my favorite Disney movies ever created. So you can imagine how happy I was to see a sequel was being created! I’m extremely surprised that this movie wasn’t talked about more after its release date, I really loved it.

Sequels are usually a hit or miss, this one definitely was not a miss. Although I am still biased toward the first Wreck it Ralph, I would still call Ralph breaks the Internet a hit!

So of course, all of the characters were the same as before- Wreck it Ralph, Vanellope Von Schweets, Fix it Felix, and all of the other fun arcade characters! One of my favorite things about the movie was all of the new characters- mainly all of the Disney princesses. The princesses were DEFINITELY the highlight of the movie for me at least! I loved getting to see all of these princesses in the Vanellope Von Schweets kind of light! By that I mean that they were not the perfect princesses that Disney has always made them out to be! They are HUMAN! I think this is an AMAZING message to send young girls! The princesses weren’t in their perfect dresses with their perfect hair do’s for the whole movie! It showed them in t-shirts, drinking coffee, and acting like normal human beings! I love that girls can have THAT as their role models! I love that this helps little girls realize that they actually CAN be princesses like Vanellope! You can love racing, you can sing, you can sleep for a hundred years and STILL be a princess, because being a princess means being confident and staying true to yourself, not having a rich daddy or living in a castle!

Of course there were other messages in this movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet, but this one takes the cake. I love how real this movie is- of course not animation wise- but the messages they send! A lot of the movie’s message is about the friendship between Vanellope and Ralph. It’s not all daisies and roses! They fight, a lot! They have differences, a lot of them, but they work them out and stay friends- even when the distance gets hard! Why? Because that’s what friendship is all about! Making compromises! And no matter what life throws at you, loving your friend! I love that message!

I also love how they enter every aspect of the Internet into the movie! From social media to viral cat videos to cyber bullying to advertisements to viruses, it hits it all! It didn’t sugar coat anything on the internet! It told it how it truly is! This is a really good star to a conversation to a child that is curious about the internet!

Now Wreck it Ralph is better that Ralph Breaks the Internet (why it isn’t called Ralph Wrecks the Internet… I don’t know, but I’m a little disappointed), BUT I still believe this is a must see for children for the messages themselves! This is a must see movie in 2018/2019 and you won’t be disappointed. There are not that many family movies currently out or coming out soon, so this is perfect!

I don’t really know how to rate this one, due to comparison to the other movie. The animation was great, as always, the message was phenomenal, loved the story line, but I just loved the originality of Wreck it Ralph more! Also minus a couple percentage points due to the horrible name choice!

But I love this movie and your whole family will too!


Viral Beauty

“Marsha Day was looking for a date. She got a million subscribers instead.”

This movie is FILLED with mixed-emotions all around. It hits some uncomfortable topics, and DOES IT WELL! This movie was made perfectly at the right time; WE NEED THIS FILM! And I’ll tell you why…

PLOT SUMMARY: Marsha Day, played by Casey Killoran, posts a video on a dating website, looking for a high-end, ambitious, Ivy League grad, and of course, must be approved by her beloved cat, Mr. Kittsy . Once Perez Hilton, as himself, brings attention to her video, Marsha’s video goes viral, getting millions of views. There are, of course, contradicting views on Marsha, from supporters to online trolls bullying Marsha about her weight and how she looks, Marsha receives a ton of media coverage and is picked up by a management agency. Marsha is bound by her management to sponsorships and certain things to say in her web videos. Marsha meets a cute, Dartmouth grad, fitness trainer online named Will, played by Mark Junek, and they immediately hit it off. The rest of the story is about Marsha’s life once she got famous and how people across the world treat her differently.

ENDING (no spoilers): This ending is anything but what would be expected of a movie like this, but it’s exactly how it would’ve in the real world. The movie takes a complete 180 and I sat there wondering, is that really the end? It has an ending that really makes you re-evaluate your life and what’s truly important to you.

This movie gets right to the point at the beginning of the movie, no dilly-dallying on unnecessary background. NO! This movie is FULL of content and continues to go go go until the credits start rolling.

WHAT’S THE POINT? Viral beauty hits all of the REAL LIFE topics that we MUST start paying attention to in our world, as social media and money continue to become so important to people.  Let’s start with bullying, cyberbullying or the typical face to face bullying.

  • This is a problem, and this has been a problem since the beginning of time! When are people going to understand that ALL PEOPLE HAVE REAL FEELINGS?! Viral Beauty hits that point, that bullying is a problem, no matter how old you are! Marsha is a grown woman, and people all over the world were blatantly bullying her, physically and verbally abusing her when they saw her in person, and even telling her that she should die. But what this movie has done better than any other movie I’ve seen is that Marsha didn’t flinch. We can tell that Marsha gets upset at these comment, obviously who wouldn’t, but she doesn’t let it break her or stop her. In my opinion, Marsha was the winner in every argument that people online were giving her, because she DIDN’T RESPOND! She stayed strong throughout the movie, despite how much absolute hate she was getting.

Next let’s talk about social media, fame and money– what is an up and coming problem in society.

  • This movie is all about social media, obviously hints the name “Viral Beauty.” It emphasizes how much importance we have placed on our fame on social media in our society. We get so caught up in what everyone is doing on social media, judging and voicing our opinions about people online is a second nature that is a horrible habit! We watch people on social media and our first response is to judge them for what we don’t like rather than celebrating others for what we do like about them!
  • Next let’s talk about fame. There are a couple of cases in this movie that people let fame get to their head in more ways than one. W also get to see how people will do anything for fame, and that’s truly how society is today.
  • Then talking about money, we truly get to see the evilness of money throughout this film. As people in today’s society, we seem to put gaining money or being successful over truly being happy. Viral Beauty hits every point of that. Is it really worth it to have a lot of money if your not happy? I don’t know but Marsha sure seems to have an opinion for herself.

Casey Killoran, Marsha, truly plays her role to the T and is fantastic along with the rest of the cast doing an equally amazing job. This story was well written, phenomenally casted, and an incredibly interesting movie to watch. You’ll laugh, cry, and probably get a little upset somewhere in between. This movie- I would rate it as a PG13, it’s appropriate in my opinion for any mature teen. I think teens HAVE to see this movie to see how our real world is right now. This movie is so important and I enjoyed every minute watching it.


You can buy your tickets at either of these links, this movie is going to be released on October 19th



Ocean’s 8

This movie had a lot to live up to considering it was a spin-off from the original Ocean’s 11 and Ocean’s 12 that were immediate hits. Looking at the All-Star cast for this movie such as, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna just to name a few, this movie is set up for success. Differing from previous Oceans movies, the cast of the main team is all women. In this day in age women empowerment is a large societal issue and this movie really shows that women are capable of doing anything a man can do, but better.

In the first few scenes we get a taste of how slick Sandra Bullock’s character, Debbie, truly is. After being in jail for five years, Debbie Ocean has devised a plan in order to steal an incredibly expensive jewel. After getting out of jail, Debbie immediately goes to the mall and picks up perfumes in a high dollar store and claims to the cashier that she would like to return them, but not having a receipt she goes through the agony of just keeping the incredibly expensive perfumes and the cashier even gives her a bag for her troubles. Immediately audiences were stunned that they had never thought of that themselves. Debbie then books a hotel room under a customer’s name whom had just checked out and goes into the room while the maid is in there, not needing a key. This woman is GOOD.

I had high hopes for this movie, but it exceeded my expectations exponentially. If you like to think during a movie, this is definitely a movie for you. It is filled with unexpected mystery and cleverness that is very entertaining. It is not necessary to have seen the past Ocean’s movies to enjoy Ocean’s 8, but there is a guest appearance from an old Ocean’s member in the heist. Debbie’s plan was so perfectly and methodically planned out in her five years in jail, you start to wonder, what writer was able to adhere to every detail that would be necessary in pulling this sort of heist off? This whole movie was utterly jaw dropping and extremely entertaining in its entirety. From the acting, to the plot, to the funny one-liners throughout the movie, audiences were all definitely rooting for these criminals to become victorious in their heist.

And speaking of female empowerment, for the majority of the movie, Anne Hathaway’s character, the famous Daphne Kluger, she is only used as a pawn  in the plan of the heist and is left in the dark about what truly is going on. When Daphne becomes aware of this plan, she doesn’t turn the the women into the police in order to receive reward money. Instead she joins the women and helps the finish their master plan to allow herself and the rest of the women a slight 30 million each. It doesn’t stop there. The women have to blame someone for the missing necklace, right? Well the women work together in order to frame Debbie’s ex-boyfreind who is the reason she had been in jail at the beginning of the movie. Talk about women supporting women!

This is a great movie for, I’d say, teens and up. Kids may also enjoy the action and spy-aspect of this movie, but they would not get the full effect if they do not understand how truly thought out the plot of this movie was. Ocean’s 8 is a MUST SEE of 2018 and I’m looking forward to rewatching the past Ocean’s movies and hopefully another sequel with another strong woman cast. So far, this is the best movie of the year and I feel as if now I have all of the tools to steal a hundred million dollar jeweled necklace.