Ralph Breaks the Internet

Since Wreck it Ralph came out six years ago, it has been one of my favorite Disney movies ever created. So you can imagine how happy I was to see a sequel was being created! I’m extremely surprised that this movie wasn’t talked about more after its release date, I really loved it.

Sequels are usually a hit or miss, this one definitely was not a miss. Although I am still biased toward the first Wreck it Ralph, I would still call Ralph breaks the Internet a hit!

So of course, all of the characters were the same as before- Wreck it Ralph, Vanellope Von Schweets, Fix it Felix, and all of the other fun arcade characters! One of my favorite things about the movie was all of the new characters- mainly all of the Disney princesses. The princesses were DEFINITELY the highlight of the movie for me at least! I loved getting to see all of these princesses in the Vanellope Von Schweets kind of light! By that I mean that they were not the perfect princesses that Disney has always made them out to be! They are HUMAN! I think this is an AMAZING message to send young girls! The princesses weren’t in their perfect dresses with their perfect hair do’s for the whole movie! It showed them in t-shirts, drinking coffee, and acting like normal human beings! I love that girls can have THAT as their role models! I love that this helps little girls realize that they actually CAN be princesses like Vanellope! You can love racing, you can sing, you can sleep for a hundred years and STILL be a princess, because being a princess means being confident and staying true to yourself, not having a rich daddy or living in a castle!

Of course there were other messages in this movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet, but this one takes the cake. I love how real this movie is- of course not animation wise- but the messages they send! A lot of the movie’s message is about the friendship between Vanellope and Ralph. It’s not all daisies and roses! They fight, a lot! They have differences, a lot of them, but they work them out and stay friends- even when the distance gets hard! Why? Because that’s what friendship is all about! Making compromises! And no matter what life throws at you, loving your friend! I love that message!

I also love how they enter every aspect of the Internet into the movie! From social media to viral cat videos to cyber bullying to advertisements to viruses, it hits it all! It didn’t sugar coat anything on the internet! It told it how it truly is! This is a really good star to a conversation to a child that is curious about the internet!

Now Wreck it Ralph is better that Ralph Breaks the Internet (why it isn’t called Ralph Wrecks the Internet… I don’t know, but I’m a little disappointed), BUT I still believe this is a must see for children for the messages themselves! This is a must see movie in 2018/2019 and you won’t be disappointed. There are not that many family movies currently out or coming out soon, so this is perfect!

I don’t really know how to rate this one, due to comparison to the other movie. The animation was great, as always, the message was phenomenal, loved the story line, but I just loved the originality of Wreck it Ralph more! Also minus a couple percentage points due to the horrible name choice!

But I love this movie and your whole family will too!


Incredibles 2

The movie that we have all been anticipating for a total of 14 years has finally arrived.  For a wait this long that movie better have been good. Well it was not good… it was utterly fantastic. This movie was definitely worth the wait, and unlike so many other sequels ti great, classic movies, it was just as good if not better that the original Incredibles. Out of all of Disney’s previous attempts to create a sequel to a classic movie such as: Toy Story, Monster’s Inc, Nemo, etc, the Incredibles 2 took the cake.

Considering the first movie came out 14 years ago, basically the entire target audience, kids 12 and under, may have not seen the first movie, not in theaters at least. But for this sequel, it is not necessary to have seen the first movie, or have seen it recently in order to understand the whole movie in its entirety. The movie does take place just about right where it ended 14 years ago. All of the kids are the same age, Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl are still dealing with balancing the hero life with the family life. And Frozone still, indeed, has his nagging wife. This movie is not predictable for the children, the teens that were children watching the first movie, or the adults. There are so many endings to this movie that I would think would work well, but Disney found the perfect one.


There are many hilarious scenes and characters whom some would say, “steal the show”, but I can’t decide between 4 different characters. This movie has a lot to do with Jack-Jack receiving powers, and obviously, Jack-Jack is adorable. Disney created his comedic timing so perfectly without him even needing to speak words. So because of his adorableness, hilarity, and all types of different cute emotions, Jack-Jack does steal the show. But he’s not the only one. The obvious fan favorite, of the millennial generation at least, is Frozone’s nagging wife. In the first movie she did not make a physical appearance, but her nagging voice did. When Frozone was searching for his supersuit, he asked his wife where it was. She responded by yelling from another room that she wishes he had more time for here… meanwhile there is a crisis happening… Frozone eventually gets his super suit and we are shown the most relatable relationship possible, where a woman just wants attention from her man, and does not care about the rest of the world, literally. Millennial fans were ecstatic when hearing the voice of Frozone’s wife in the previews, and she was, as always, hilarious. For only being in one scene and not making an appearance, I would consider her a show stopper.

Edna Mode was a larger than life character in the last movie, the funny and blunt supersuit designer. She made much less of an appearance in this movie, but it seemed like she made much more of an impact. Her silly, yet proper personality makes her utterly lovable and fun to watch. I have seen more Edna merchandise for this movie than any other character, and as my favorite character in the movie, qualifies her as a show stopper. And last, but certainly not least, our last show stopper is… the raccoon. The raccoon you say? Yes a raccoon that cannot talk. This raccoon gets in a brawl with Jack-Jack, and this fight could not have been long enough even if it took the entire length of the movie. I don’t want to spoil anything in this comedic scene, but the raccoon definitely deserves the title of a showstopper.

This movie is the perfect movie for the whole family. This movie has done so well in box offices, hopefully we will get a 3rd movie, sooner than in 14 years. Kids love it, teens love it, adults love it, even grandparents love it. This is a must see for the family this summer. I enjoyed this sequel as much, if not more than the first Incredibles, and that’s coming from an Incredibles fanatic that wore Violet pajamas to bed at age 6.