Taryn Cates

Hi I’m Taryn, here’s my life story.


I’ve struggled since I was a little 6-year-old girl over what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was torn between an actress, veterinarian, and an artist, which during that time I loved to act, draw, and play with animals. As I’ve grown up, throughout high school, I grew in the interest of the medical field, more specifically radiology and anesthesiology. I wanted to be able to help people while being able to pay the bills; it was also a plus that I very much-loved math and science.

Over the past two or so years I have gained interest in becoming a defense attorney, for the reason that I like to help people and I enjoy arguing, because I typically always have a good point. So after high school, going through the STEM, Science Technology Engineering and Math, endorsement, I figured that there must be a way to combine the two fields, medical and law. Toward the end of my junior year I was confronted by a man at a leadership meeting that worked as a medical attorney. How perfect? Getting a degree in Pre-Med to gain knowledge of a typical doctor and/or nurse, then attending law school in order to become a defense attorney in medical cases. I had found the perfect career path, and knocking off about eight years of school between medical school to law school.

So here I am, starting off my college career as a Biology/Pre-Med major. But wait… is that really what I want to do? Have paperwork all day, work countless nights on my own in order to succeed for no extra pay, constantly be in a pant suit to work everyday? That doesn’t sound like me. So what now? I have thought about what I truly enjoy and could make a career out of that pays the bills. I love to draw, I love to write about anything and everything, I love to edit videos and make films, so what could I possibly do? Because I have really thought hard about the phrase,

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”

I looked up some possible jobs that I may enjoy: Food Critic? I like to eat, but not that much. Home Interior Designer? Too calm and boring. Movie Critic? Wait, wait, wait. Movies, yes. Alone time, yes. Telling people what I like and don’t like about a subject? YES! Okay so I know being a movie critic may not necessarily pay the bills, but I can always use a side job. I think this thought crossed my mind just a few days ago and I have so many more options open. I could be a Film Creator, Director, Animator, Consultant to a Movie, Reporter, and so much more. So can someone tell me why I have yet to change my major to journalism, because even with a degree in journalism I will have a very nice resume for law school. But seriously, I just typed this 500 word blog post for fun. So I hope you enjoy more posts that no one cares about in my search to find what I truly like to do.