Ocean’s 8

This movie had a lot to live up to considering it was a spin-off from the original Ocean’s 11 and Ocean’s 12 that were immediate hits. Looking at the All-Star cast for this movie such as, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna just to name a few, this movie is set up for success. Differing from previous Oceans movies, the cast of the main team is all women. In this day in age women empowerment is a large societal issue and this movie really shows that women are capable of doing anything a man can do, but better.

In the first few scenes we get a taste of how slick Sandra Bullock’s character, Debbie, truly is. After being in jail for five years, Debbie Ocean has devised a plan in order to steal an incredibly expensive jewel. After getting out of jail, Debbie immediately goes to the mall and picks up perfumes in a high dollar store and claims to the cashier that she would like to return them, but not having a receipt she goes through the agony of just keeping the incredibly expensive perfumes and the cashier even gives her a bag for her troubles. Immediately audiences were stunned that they had never thought of that themselves. Debbie then books a hotel room under a customer’s name whom had just checked out and goes into the room while the maid is in there, not needing a key. This woman is GOOD.

I had high hopes for this movie, but it exceeded my expectations exponentially. If you like to think during a movie, this is definitely a movie for you. It is filled with unexpected mystery and cleverness that is very entertaining. It is not necessary to have seen the past Ocean’s movies to enjoy Ocean’s 8, but there is a guest appearance from an old Ocean’s member in the heist. Debbie’s plan was so perfectly and methodically planned out in her five years in jail, you start to wonder, what writer was able to adhere to every detail that would be necessary in pulling this sort of heist off? This whole movie was utterly jaw dropping and extremely entertaining in its entirety. From the acting, to the plot, to the funny one-liners throughout the movie, audiences were all definitely rooting for these criminals to become victorious in their heist.

And speaking of female empowerment, for the majority of the movie, Anne Hathaway’s character, the famous Daphne Kluger, she is only used as a pawn  in the plan of the heist and is left in the dark about what truly is going on. When Daphne becomes aware of this plan, she doesn’t turn the the women into the police in order to receive reward money. Instead she joins the women and helps the finish their master plan to allow herself and the rest of the women a slight 30 million each. It doesn’t stop there. The women have to blame someone for the missing necklace, right? Well the women work together in order to frame Debbie’s ex-boyfreind who is the reason she had been in jail at the beginning of the movie. Talk about women supporting women!

This is a great movie for, I’d say, teens and up. Kids may also enjoy the action and spy-aspect of this movie, but they would not get the full effect if they do not understand how truly thought out the plot of this movie was. Ocean’s 8 is a MUST SEE of 2018 and I’m looking forward to rewatching the past Ocean’s movies and hopefully another sequel with another strong woman cast. So far, this is the best movie of the year and I feel as if now I have all of the tools to steal a hundred million dollar jeweled necklace.


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